Hi. I'm

a travelling minimalist, engineer, entrepreneur, writer, and investor.

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About Me

In a Nutshell

Often referred to by others as a "tech guy", I'm what the media coined as a "maker". Software, and occasionally hardware, engineering is my daily bread and butter.

I'm a generalist. A jack of all trades who constantly travels up and down the product development stack from UI/UX design to the "bare metal" and everything in between. These days cloud engineering and microservices constitute the lion's share of my everyday focus.

I’m the founder and CEO of Tone Singleton, a Belgian IT services company operating worldwide. We deliver bespoke engineering solutions for companies of all sizes.

I write about Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) in the form of a newsletter, about business and startups on my LinkedIn profile, and technology, longevity and alternative living in my digital garden.

My Mantras

  • A strong foundation is 50% of success.
  • Say yes to things most people will say no to.
  • Everything worthy is outside your comfort zone.
  • Check emotions at the door and trust the process and data.


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